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Research & Development

Diagnostic System Development

We are working diligently to provide more rapid and sensitive diagnostic service through consistent research.

Enhanced Raman Scattering

Ultrasensitive Quantitative Diagnosis

SERS is an alternative diagnostic technique to overcome the limit of existing diagnosis using metallic nanoparticles.

It is a technology suitable for early diagnosis and rapid on-site diagnosis (POCT) by applying it to medical diagnosis and finding trace substances quickly with high-sensitivity analysis technology.

SERS: Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

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    Qualitative Rapid Diagnostic Test

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    Futuristic Qualitative Analysis

Development of Ultrasensitive Quantitative Diagnostic Device Based on SERS

We are developing a laser-based quantitative analysis equipment that can quantitatively and quickly detect SERS signals in areas that cannot be read with the naked eye of a diagnostic kit. By producing this benchtop-sized diagnostic device available for public users with equivalent performance to large-sized intruments in Central Lab. We are accelerating the development of high-sensitivity quantitative diagnostic technology based on SERS to advance into the POCT market.