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CEO Message

We try to provide immuno-diagnosis total solutions and services for various infectious diseases.


In response to the recent corona pandemic, we have launched products for sample collection and transportation, antigen and antibody rapid diagnosis, and ELISA diagnostic kits to check for infection. In addition, the neutralizing antibody diagnostic test kit was FDA approved for the first time. In order to overcome the limitations of existing diagnostic products, we are striving to achieve tangible results and goals by promoting the development of an advanced concept diagnostic platform based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering technology.


In addition, as a new drug development project, a dual antibody platform has been developed and applied to the treatment of blood cancer and solid cancer. In particular, the monoclonal antibody for lung cancer treatment is used in combination with a neutralizing antibody that binds to COVID-19 by re-creating the drug in response to the COVID-19 situation. We secured the result of improving the effect and applied for a patent.

To develop and produce world-class products, we have invested in R&D and production facilities to secure global competitiveness and set the goal of ‘entering the top 10 global diagnostic companies by 2030’. SG Medical will expand our main business to become a global leading company in the global healthcare market.

SG Medical
CEO, Oh Se-moon
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