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Research & Development

New Drug Development

Through continuous research, we are trying to move one step closer to the development of a new global and innovative drug.

SG Medical
Bispecific Unit

SG Medical Bispecific Unit (SBU) platform is a next-generation therapeutic bispecific antibody platform capable of simultaneously binding to two antigens. This can be used to develop innovative new drugs that can overcome the limitations of monoclonal antibody therapies.

Based on the complement activation mechanism of the novel asymmetric bispecific antibody platform, the anti-cancer effect can be maximized.

  • 01

    Asymmetric antibody structure, enhance complement-dependent cytotoxicity effect

  • 02

    Synergistic anti-cancer effect through simultaneous control of two antigens

  • 03

    High expression yield, one-step purification process

  • 04

    Introduction of next-generation Fc, improving blood half-life and therpeutic efficacy

Pipeline 1.

New concept bispecific antibody for blood cancer treatment

Pipeline 1 is a bispecific antibody that simultaneously controls CD20, a blood cancer treatment target, and CD55, a complement control target. This therapeutic can overcome the low response rate and resistance of CD20 targetd therapies, which are unmet medical needs for blood cancer. This pipeline was selected as the R&D pipeline of the Korea Drug Development Fund (HN21C0103) in 2021 based on its strong cytotoxic effect on blood cancer cell lines resistant to the CD20 therapies.

항원 B cell
lymphoma cell
CD20 CD20
CD55 CD55
CD20 binding effect: Induction of CDC, ADCC, and apoptosis
CD55 binding effect: Inhibition of CD55-induced resistance to CD20-targeted therapy

Pipeline 2.

New concept bispecific antibody for solid cancer treatment

Pipeline 2 is a therapeutic bispecific antibody with a mechanism of inducing cancer cell death and inhibiting metastasis through simultaneous control of EGFR, a solid cancer treatment target, and integrin β1, which is involved in cancer metastasis and drug resistance. It is a new concept bispecific antibody for solid cancer treatment that can maximize anticancer effects by introducing the SBU platform and overcome resistance to EGFR-targeted therapies by combining new targets.

항원 Solid tumor cell
Integrin β1 Integrin β1
EGFR binding effect: Cancer cell death
Integrin β1
Integrin β1 binding effect: Inhibition of cancer metastasis

Pipeline 3.

Monoclonal antibody for the treatment of lung cancer

It is a humanized antibody developed with SG Medical's own technology, and has completed domestic and PCT applications based on the strong anti-cancer efficacy of single or combined with chemotherapy in lung cancer animal models.

cell cell αXβ1 integrin cell
ECM ligand ECM ligand